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Frequently Asked Questions from our Customers

Let us present you several questions we are most often asked while working in Solihull.
In our world of wherever accessible Internet, you are not likely to hear such a remark: what lock to choose. As absolutely everyone can open Google, Bing, YouTube or other search assistant and find plenty of information about types of locks, their features, manufactures, watch videos how to choose it correctly and other things.

In general, the lock problem is about skills and time spent on it. However, there are complicated cases, when you are not able to solve it yourself.

Here, Kyox Locksmiths of Solihull, based on our huge experience (we started around 2008), we try to answer not easy questions, you might have. Few words before we start: our highly experienced locksmiths in Solihull will help to install any kind of locks on the door, one or more of your choice. We work quickly and professionally. Our experts do the work without damaging the property.


What are the features and benefits of high quality locks?

As you can see, better save your money buying clothes, but not locks.


How long does it take to complete an order?

Greatly depends on the work! For emergency locksmith services we react immediately and come as fast as possible. Usually, the regular and easy lock change takes no more than 30 minutes, but sometimes you have to modify the door frame, therefore, the time can be increased - up to one hour or more.
If it is broken key inside the keyway - it is a matter of minutes.


Is it possible to change the lock and leave the old keys?

Yes, sometimes it is possible. If only the lock body is damaged, but its cylinder is whole and can be repaired. You can also recode the lock by the old keys, however this function is only available in locks of specific manufacturers and requires additional time for the locksmith.


When do you need to change the lock cylinder?

The replacement of the door lock cylinder is done in the following cases:


Kyox Locksmiths of Solihull provide the cylinder replacement in the shortest possible time. For more information you are always welcome to call us at 012 1270 7398.

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